Access Audits

Access Audits

Access Auditing is a nationally recognised scheme where the accessibility of physical features and operational processes are assessed over a day or days where Access Auditors attend your premises. Key elements are the evaluation of physical features against construction guidelines and the insight of disability experts as to the operational processes and how they may help or hinder disabled people.

A formal Access Audit concludes with a written report and a formal feedback session with debrief presentation of findings if desired. Alternatively we can offer “Walk Through” audits, where one or more of our Audit Team members attend a site and travel through it with a member of your management team and discuss issues as they arise.

Having an Access Audit carried out is one of the most effective ways to publicise an organisation’s welcoming, accessible and supportive attitude towards disabled people. Elements of the report are suitable for publication in promotional materials and social media, and Live Inclusive is keen to promote businesses which establish themselves as having good practice in regards to disability and equality.

Trusting Live Inclusive to carry out your Access Audit is an excellent way to gain the knowledge and expertise that comes with twenty years of experience as a disability organisation, in addition to enriching your local community by helping to financially support an organisation with equality at the heart of everything we do.

We can also audit your building, expansion or refurbishment plans to help you consider key accessibility issues in advance.


Kellie Naylor, environment and community officer at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, said: “Having this kind of awareness training and audit is vitally important to us as a customer facing business. We have been really pleased with the work that Live Inclusive have undertaken and it has been informative, provided great insights and has been very helpful. We are now looking forward to putting this learning into practice at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.”

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