Journey 2 Employment

Journey 2 Employment

There can be a number of barriers in your Journey to Employment, and our J2E services in Doncaster and Rotherham aim to provide support to disabled people to overcome these barriers.

Working closely with the local Job Centres to support Jobcentre staff and build their understanding of disability and the impact this can have on employment, the team also offers:

Weekly job clubs – covering topics such as interview confidence, IT skills (emails, websearch and basic database entry/retrieval), application advice and how to find appropriate employment.

A weekly employment hub – an open space where J2E group members are invited to attend to socialise with other job seekers for peer support, relax, ask the Community Employment Specialist questions or use provided IT equipment to job search or update C.Vs.

One to one support – goal setting and personalised assistance to apply for jobs and to retain work.

Employer liaison – working with local employers to identify employment opportunities.

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