Live Inclusive offers comprehensive bespoke training packages aimed at improving employment practices and customer service for disabled people by educating staff on equality principles and legislation, practical tips for disability confidence and the benefits of best practice.

These training sessions can be primed specifically for customer facing staff or for management team members and other leaders who are able to make strategic decisions. We understand that often these lines blur in the workplace and are aware that training everyone in a single session may be more practical than two sessions and so we are happy to flexibly deliver training suitable for both audiences, this can include tailoring session length.

Our Training Sessions include:

Disability Confidence

  • For front line/customer facing staff this training includes:
  • Some of the principles behind equality policy and accessibility.
  • Exercises which improve awareness and confidence in addition to appropriate language and behaviour towards disabled people.
  • How to work in line with organisational policy.
  • This session also covers how and why being supportive towards disabled people and positive practice can have a huge impact on the success of a business

For managers, recruitment/HR team members and strategic leaders this training includes:

  • How to draft an appropriate equality policy and how to encourage staff to work in line with this
  • Some of the concepts driving disability policy nationally and the move towards equality
  • Language and behaviour
  • Best practice recruitment and retention
  • The importance of your understanding of the Equality Act 2010 and potential liability arising from it.
  • A brief introduction to reasonable adjustments

Reasonable Adjustments

This topic is primarily aimed at managers, recruitment/HR team members and strategic leaders, but it can be delivered to staff members to help them understand their rights in the workplace. It covers:

  • The Legal Grounding of Reasonable Adjustments
  • Reasonable Adjustments from the ground up:
  • How to determine if they are needed
  • Best practice approach to engaging with a disabled employee
  • How to determine if they are “reasonable”
  • In what ways can they be implemented
  • What support there is available for employers to make adjustments
  • Frequent pitfalls in making reasonable adjustments and how to avoid them

We also offer shorter sessions aimed at educating employees as to their rights and the legal protections afforded to them by the Equality Act 2010 and workplace confidence. These can be appropriate for employees in general, or for an employee undergoing discussion about reasonable adjustments where we can provide support both to a disabled employee and their manager to protect both parties. Please note that we do not provide occupational therapy services.

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